Yeah I’m just gonna leave this here and do with this what you will. Apparently there’s nothing I can do about this guy. Hopefully someone who can do SOMETHING sees this and does something. And yes this is on YouTube.

Long story. Will delete later. Just some guys down at the comments section on youtube want proof that I got first comment. So guys from youtube, feel free to examine this piece of evidence. Just note that I am indifferent to whether I was actually first or not so attack this post (or my comment on youtube) all you want. I really don’t care.

So like there’s this petition going on. Sign it. If you want, I mean. You don’t have to. But it’d be nice if you did. Thanks.

Just saying Hi like you said to


Thanks! ^^

Anyone willing to trade a Charizardite X for my Charizrdite Y? Message me if you want to trade. (Or just to say hi)

So I was watching Steam Train’s Space Quest IV and I noticed this.


Merry Christmas everyone.

I just had to. Sorry World of Tumblr.



AA: it ended up as a draw!

I bet vriska’s in there somewhere

Reblog If Homestuck made you proud of your Astrology Sign!



Woo!! I for one am very proud to call myself a Cancer!